Business Strategy

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Bachelor of Science (Singapore)

Business Strategy (BMGT3001S)


BSc18 FT / Singapore

Copyright June 2013


Author: Federica Pazzaglia, Karan Sonpar and Shawn Wong (2013)

This manual was prepared for University College Dublin as a comprehensive support for students completing the above mentioned Degree programme.

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Module Co-ordinators: Federica Pazzaglia Karan Sonpar Shawn Wong Email: Email: Email:



Welcome message 1. INTRODUCTION a. Background to the topic b. Module aims 5 5

2. MODULE OUTLINE a. Learning outcomes b. Learning supports

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3. MODULE DELIVERY SCHEDULE a. Session arrangements b. Preparation required in advance of sessions c. Student engagement

8 9 10

4. ASSESSMENT DETAILS a. Assignments b. Module assessment components i. Assignment 1 ii. Assignment 2 - Group project iii. Examination

11 12 13 14

5. GRADING a. University grading policy b. Grade descriptors for assessment components

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17 18


Welcome message
As co-ordinators of the Business Strategy module, we wish to welcome you to the module. A firm’s business strategy is its guide on how to compete successfully in its economic environment and achieve a sustained advantage over its competitors. Strategic management is the process through which managers develop and implement a firm’s strategy. An understanding of the theory and practice of strategic management is essential to operate effectively within an increasingly competitive and global business world.

Business Strategy is a capstone course, integrating insights from many of the modules you have already studied in your degree. While many of your prior modules encourage you to focus solely on one functional area (e.g. marketing, finance, production/operations, accounting) and to pay attention to the issues arising in that one area, in Business Strategy we take the perspective of a general manager, chief executive, or top manager and look at the entire organisation. We will look at organisations from across the spectrum – small to large, profit and not-for-profit, domestic and international. We will look at the environments in which they operate, how they acquire essential resources, and how they may establish sustainable competitive advantage.

This module is designed to deepen your interest and expertise in the area of business strategy. While much of the focus is on knowledge acquisition, attention is also given to enhancing and developing your professional and personal skills and competencies. Studying business strategy will also provide you with an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned from other modules and from your own personal and work experiences. To this end, we will take an applied approach to the formulation and implementation of strategy. Individually and in teams, you will tackle the strategic issues concerning real organizations. To successfully complete this module, several learning activities (individual and group) are to be completed which will facilitate the attainment of the module learning outcomes.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you all in Singapore!

Federica Pazzaglia, Karan Sonpar and Shawn Wong


This Study Guide is designed to provide you with details of the module Business Strategy, the learning outcomes, delivery and assessment arrangements. The Study Guide consists of 5 parts. In Part 1, background details to the subject area are provided and the broad aims of the module are set out. Part 2, consists of the module outline. In this part the (a) module learning outcomes, (b) the themes and topics to be explored are explained...
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