Nature and Nurture M1

Topics: Down syndrome, Human nature, Nature versus nurture Pages: 1 (668 words) Published: November 6, 2014

Unit 4-M1 Lifespan Development- Nature or Nurture Throughout this piece of work I will be briefly recapping all 5 of the factors from P2 and explaining the causes of them. I will also be explaining if they are nature or nurture and why. Income:

Income is money received from work (wage or salary) on a regular basis, it can be poor or good income and it has many effects. The poor income is when money is from of benefits as they wouldn’t get much money to live off and good income is if you have a job or apprenticeship and have money coming in that way. As this depends on what you do with yourself like how experienced you are on the likes of getting yourself a job it is nurture. Nurture is when it’s caused by the environment and surroundings and the experience you have and the life you have been brought up in, this is why income is nurture because people that have good and poor income has a choice whether they want to work or not which would then leave them having either a poor or good income. Housing:

Housing, just like income, has a good and poor quality. Poor quality housing is when there is violence on the streets a lot, always a lot of noise and possibly frequent crime… it is also classed as a unsafe place for children to play out on the streets or go around to the shop alone whereas a good quality housing is a calm, clean and safe place for the public to go out, they could play out without witnessing any crime or violence. The causes of the difference between poor and good quality housing is, if you live around a good quality housing area you are likely to have a lot of money and live around a clean calm area whereas if you live around a poor quality housing area you are likely to not have much money. The cause of the factor is nurture as it is not something you are born in to, it depends on the choices you make and the life you have been brought up in. Lifestyle:

For lifestyle I chose alcohol, alcohol affects...
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