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Faith Integration
General Psychology
29 March 2012

Growing up church was always a priority for my family. To this day its value has not changed for us. My mom always encouraged me to challenge my beliefs so that my faith could be stronger in those things I truly believed in. Since then my faith has grown exponentially as I have become confident in the promises of God’s word. Through reading the bible and being in church it becomes more and more evident to me that everything in the bible holds truth and significance. My faith is something that I hold onto tightly and will always keep at a high priority for my life. Though there have been many topics covered in church sermons and bible verses, psychology was never a focus of mine as my faith developed. Because of this I do not to have any predispositions regarding psychology and faith coexisting. I was raised understanding that being human means that I have a sinful nature because of what happened in the Garden of Eden, but I never embraced the knowledge of why that might also be true mentally and emotionally. However, I do believe that psychology can be applied to faith in many ways, and that understanding psychology can help us better understand ourselves as who God has called us to be.

Reading Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith by David Meyers and Malcolm Jeeves has really opened my eyes to a new perspective on how psychology can be applied to my faith as a Christian. It has allowed me to deepen my understanding of what it means to be human and a follower of Christ. It talks about many subjects that most Christians struggle with regularly. The most important thing that this book taught me was that psychology and faith are concurrent. On page 3 it states, “… we cannot find the whole truth merely by searching our minds - for there is not enough there…” (Myers 3). Searching our minds and the knowledge that we have about how we function can only give us so many answers. In order to find truth on our journey through life we cannot rely solely on ourselves, we need to also cultivate God’s promises into our lives and rely on faith. Putting psychology together with faith is the most effective way to obtaining the answers and truths about life itself. In chapter two of Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith levels of explanation are portrayed in a way that allow us to better understand how to apply psychology to faith. Psychology can be used to help us grasp the bigger picture of Christian faith and how God has called us to live. Understanding how the mind works and how we as humans behave gives us a greater knowledge of the vastness of faith and an explanation of the bigger picture of life. Metaphorically we can zoom in on psychology and learn about the details of our emotions and mental processes, then zoom out and apply what we have learned to truly capture a realization of how God has wired us as his people. Being able to uUseing the facts of psychology allows us to see why both positive and negative things happen mentally, but by coupling these facts with faith, we are given hope to change what is necessary to better ourselves for God’s kingdom. When accrediting what psychology has to give us as Christians, it is important to understand that “psychological explanation has provided satisfying answers to many important questions regarding why people think, feel, and act as they do. But it does not even pretend to answer life’s ultimate questions. [So we should] celebrate and use psychology for what it offers us, remembering that is it but one aspect of a larger whole” (Myers 11). This statement solidifies the idea that psychology plays a part in understanding the bigger picture. Applying our mental processes and emotions to what we already know about what the bible says can allow us to draw closer to God as we recognize that he truly does understand what we go through as we were made in his image. In cChapter five of the book it addresses the verse...

Cited: Myers, David G., and Malcolm A. Jeeves. Psychology through the Eyes of Faith. Washington, D.C.: Christian College Coalition, 1987. Print.
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