What Children Need

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What Children Need – 20 points

Answer each question of this assignment with a thoughtful and complete response of three or four sentences. When possible, relate your answer to your personal experiences and information you have learned from reading the first chapter of your text. Items 1, 2, 3, & 6 are each worth 2 points, items 4 & 5 are each worth 3 points, item 7 is worth 4 points, and quality of writing is worth 2 points since professional quality work is expected. BRING A COPY TO CLASS ON JAN. 23 & Submit via Blackboard Jan. 24.

1. What are some “good” reasons to decide to give birth to a child? When is the time right, and what needs to be in place in an ideal situation?

I would have never thought that there was an actual good reason to just give birth to a child. I suppose if it were certain circumstances where a woman could not have a child and wanted a surrogate mother, that’s a good reason to have another woman give birth to a child. And don’t get me wrong, I love children and I can’t wait to have them but I never thought there would be a good reason besides “I want something cute to hold onto all day.” I do believe there are right and wrong times to have babies though. First and most important, both potential parents WANT to have a baby. I also believe the parents should be financially stable with solid jobs. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and the children turn out perfectly fine, but it’s just something I would want before I have children.

2. What personal qualities should a parent have that will make them able to raise a child in an appropriate and positive manner? Explain each just a bit.

I think a parent should be a loving and caring person. If the parents aren’t loving and caring, they may not care for the child properly. Also, I think the parents should be calm and happy. If parents cannot stay calm and happy, they will have a hard time being patient and babies of course need patient caregivers....
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