‘the Diversity of Perspectives in Psychology Is an Obstacle to Understanding’

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Perspective Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: April 9, 2013
‘The diversity of perspectives in psychology is an
Obstacle to understanding’

In psychology there are many different and apposing perspectives such as biological, evolutionary, socio-cultural and social constructionist, to name a few. This essay will examine these different views and approaches in psychology in relation to sex and gender as well as development. It will look at the advantages and the disadvantages of having many perspectives to draw on when looking at these two diverse areas in psychology which have been cause for much debate. Is it that these perspectives cause confusion in understanding or do they help to broaden one’s mind and give a well-rounded and more objective view? Having a broad range of perspectives is a central and necessary part in trying to understand these topics as the range provides varied views and explanations. These views and explanations can explain why we are the way we are. However having such a broad range of perspectives can cause confusion as it becomes difficult to provide clear and concise explanations. Developmental psychology suggests that development in humans is influenced by a number of variables such as culture and physiology. When looking at different perspectives of psy-chology within development an evolutionary approach may suggest that individuals develop as they do due to their inherited genetic make-up which has evolved over time. On the other hand the contextual approach acknowledges that there are various factors, which contribute to an individual's development, not just their genetic make-up. These include environmental influences and exposure to society. Using these approaches can give us a greater understanding and a less naïve view of development. Touching upon a wide range of areas allows for a larger and more complete data range from which to draw conclusions that may impact our world. For example, when answering central questions of much debate, such as ‘where does adulthood...
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