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MAY 2013

Domestic Housing Provision :Supply and Demand in the UK housing sector INTRODUCTION
It was discovered that housing supply does not meet up with demand. Life expectancy rate is increasing caused by demands of housing of one person per households. (Wendy,2010). From research it was discovered that 1.8 million households on English Local Authority housing registers a considerable level of overcrowding in the private and social housing standard. Education and health are affected by poor housing .However it limits the ability of people to move and find work. There is a need to increase the supply of housing to tackle affordability issues for social housing . Moreover the critical social and economic role that housing plays, has not been able to meet up with political profile of Education and Health. Alan W.E,(2005) What was intended to be a system where the state carried out development to ensure that the population were provided with a good standard of housing eventually became one in which the planning system was used to restrict development, particularly in rural areas .This resulted in higher prices as increasing demand was not met by increasing supply. In 2007, the Government set a target of increasing the supply of housing to 240,000 additional homes per year before 2016.With the presumed target was a commitment to deliver at least 70,000 affordable homes by 2010-11 of which 45000 were to be new social rented homes .It was debated if this target would meet the demand and supply for new housing and deal with the backing of unmet housing needs. The Uk Government recognise that homes Design need to be well made for homes, with the highest quality and environmentally sustainable. This can be applied to both traditional and conventional homes. Also where needed to be more driven efficient and help to reduce carbon Emissions, be resilient to a future climate and environmentally sustainable. High quality Homes in valued Natural environment will enhance plans for growth and will improve environmental social and economic stability. This can be attained by reviewing building Regulations to further improve energy efficiency and carbon productions standards for new buildings, creating a green Deal to transform the energy efficiency of British properties, Obligating to delivering Zero Homes for 2016, giving more correspondences to design support through new innovations and creating new opportunities for communities , planning for reforms in communities to shape the design of specific areas and creating strong Leadership on design through national planning policy to promote unique, well designed Homes. However, this can be positively achieved by following project Management framework of Leadership support, design improvement, introducing contemporary ideas of planning ,Quality Management ,Production Management ,Cost Management ,Controlling change, Managing stakeholders and use of project management tools and framework applied to the Demand and supply of Domestic housing in the UK .Nash ,A.(2012).

In the above titled research project critical analysis and study of why the supply is not meeting up with the demand of Domestic housing provision in the U k housing Sector. Economic theory will be a useful tool of demand and supply of domestic housing provision in the U k housing sector which studies consumer demands for a product when it increases then producers respond by increasing supply. Additionally , Identifications will be made through in-deph. Research that the supply of the housing and construction rates are below standard.

I will perfect how I will write the ‘’statement of the problem’’ to demonstrate the actual practice of the research. In my approach I will apply the five-step model regardless of whether the study will be a...

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