Ace Hardware Store Entering Bahrain Market

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International Management
Group Report

Ace Hardware Store Entering Bahrain Market

Executive Summary4
2.0 Industry Business Description6
3.0 Company description6
3.1 Type of business6
3.2 Legal Structure8
3.3 History8
3.3.1 Mission8
3.3.2 Goals & Objectives9
3.4 Company Structure10
4.0 Ace Product analysis:10
4.1 Customer profile/demand analysis:13
4.2 Competitive situation:14
5.0 Environmental factors16
5.1 Host Country Business Climate:16
5.3 Government constraints in Bahrain20
6.0 Business Strategies24
6.1 Product /service positioning24
6.2 Pricing strategy25
6.3 Distribution and logistics27
6.4 Promotion and Advertising27
6.5 Estimated sales/sales mix28
6.6 Production/service strategies28
7.0 Financial Planning28
7.1 Profit and Loss Statement29
8.0 Management considerations33
8.1 Personnel/sales force factors33
8.2 Business Advisors:33
9.0 Recommendations/Conclusion34

Executive Summary
As we know the economy is constantly maturing, corporations ought to efficiently react to ever fluctuating demand in order to basically attain sustainable growth throughout the global market. We have endeavoured to emphasize on the suggested strategies which will allow Ace Hardware to consider venturing into the Bahraini market. Therefore with the information provided and composed, we have the opportunity to examine comments of Ace Hardware which allows us to highlight key issues faced. Organisations need to recognize and meet demands of the exterior factors which include threats and opportunities to uphold their competitiveness in the market. Henceforth, the intention of this report is to essentially investigate and assess the outlook of Ace Hardware Corporation in relation to expansion and growth in the Bahraini market.

1.0 Introduction

Bahrain is one of the unique countries in the Middle East. It alone has a stable economic climate and welcomes foreign investment with a highly business friendly culture thus making it an efficient country to start business. Introducing Ace Hardware to the Bahraini market because of a numerous aspects such as retaining 100% foreign ownership and low taxation, provides a free, open and transparent environment that fosters growth, legal system protects companies’ rights, while their free market environment allows businesses to thrive.

2.0 Industry Business Description
The ACE Hardware Corporation is a well-known wholesaler of hardware and home-related products; the organisation offerings include safety equipment, plumbing products, outdoor living products, pet supplies, door handles, electrical tools, lawn and garden accessories, furniture, home appliances and many more. ACE has been affianced in the wholesale hardware business and has offered dealerships to retailers of hardware and associated items since the company in Illinois commenced incorporating in 1927. Today, ACE is the largest retailer-owned obliging and vibrant leader in the convenience division of the hardware business in terms of wholesale and retail sales and strength of the brand. 3.0 Company description

According to (Irwin, 2012), Ace Hardware ranks highest in satisfying home improvement retail store customers for a sixth consecutive year according to the J.D. Power of Associates Home improvement Retail satisfaction Study of 2012. This measured customer satisfaction with home improvement retail stores, based on the performance of five factors: merchandise, price, sales staff, sales & promotions and store facility. The organisation emphasizes on service and modern retailing techniques and has helped locally owned operated ACE retail stores confront intense competition from Home Depot and Lowe’s. In addition, it provides numerous value-added services such as marketing, advertising, merchandising and design services to its...

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