Amazon Case Study

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Summary of Case, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the world's largest online retailer and also one of the nation's biggest book sellers.  It was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, a former financial analyst for the New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Company.  In the beginning, the company began as an online bookseller in 1995. The name was chosen because the Amazon River is the largest rivers in the world. The Company operates in two segments, North America and International. Amazon has established separate websites all over the world, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Japan, and China. It also provides international shipping to certain countries for some of its products. EBay, Overstock, Barnes and Noble, Google, and Wal-mart stores are all major companies that offer competitive services to customers worldwide.  These companies belong to the retail industry and are categorized into the services sector.  While each of these has their own unique features and capabilities, Amazon is no exception.  Amazon, a customer-centric company with a market capital of nearly one hundred billion it lies at the top with its competitors and has skilled internal operations that some lack.         It is originally as an online bookseller and slowly climbed its way to becoming a multibillion dollar company.  Its climb to the top was not an accident or a result of good market timing, although this did help, it was its internal operations that played a major role.  “Unlike such online rivals as, say, Barnes and nobles ( or, Amazon has no roof over its head—no bricks-and-mortar presence to anchor its online presence” that being said, Amazon had to compensate for this difference.  Amazon as wells as its investors discovered that its profits were depleted by soaring costs and expenses.         When their primary sales of books were not promising a future, the...

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