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Research Design


1) A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research project. TRUE.

2) Specifying the measurement and scaling procedures is one of the components involved in research design. TRUE

3) Specifying the format of the marketing research proposal is one of the components involved in research design. FALSE

4) There are three main types of research designs employed in marketing research: exploratory, descriptive, and conclusive. FALSE

5) Exploratory research is used in cases when you must define the problem more precisely, identify relevant courses of action, or gain additional insights before an approach can be developed. TRUE

6) The insights gained from exploratory research might be verified or quantified by conclusive research. TRUE

7) The objective of conclusive research is to test specific results and examine specific relationships FALSE

8) Conclusive research is typically more formal and structured than exploratory research. TRUE

9) The objective of exploratory research is to explore or search through a problem or situation to provide insights and understanding (Table 3.2 in the text). TRUE

10) Identifying alternative courses of action and establishing priorities for further research are purposes for which exploratory research is used. FALSE

11) When conducting exploratory research, the focus of the investigation may shift constantly as new insights are discovered. TRUE

12) Shorter Labs is conducting experiments to see if shoppers will buy unknown products if they are sent coupons. Shorter Labs is conducting causal research. TRUE

13) One reason to conduct causal research is to determine the degree to which marketing variables are associated. For example, to what extent is shopping at department stores related to eating out? FALSE

14) A major difference between exploratory and descriptive research is that exploratory research is...
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