Buster Business Plan

Topics: Revenue, Retailing, Pro forma Pages: 7 (1628 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Debra J. Lawrence
Management 190-SP
Business Plan


Buster’s Retail Store
1501 Maple St
P.O. Box 2534
Tacoma, Washington 98453


Introduction and brief description of the venture

a. Buster’s is currently a small store operating in the lobby of the Sparks Building, a large office building, located at 15th and Maple in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Buster’s occupy 1,000 sq ft on the first floor

b. Our vision for Buster’s is to ultimately expand to a chain of approximately nine to twelve stores located in office buildings in downtown Tacoma and ultimately Seattle, Washington.

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this Business Plan is to outline our current operations and map out our plans for expansion. Our goals are to raise additional capital through private loans and private equity injections from individuals who see the potential in this opportunity. This business plan provides a description of a proposed venture to expand our current retail operation from a one-store operation to a two-store. The reason for developing this new business plan is to include our second store to be located in the Gary Lee Burt, Sr. Building in the Downtown University Place Sector in Tacoma, Washington. This location is approximately four blocks from the current Buster’s. We have secured a lease, effective March 27, 2011, in the Gary Lee Burt Sr. Building. This building is currently under construction with an expected completion date of 30 September 2011. This space, in the building will house Buster’s Inc when the multiple, state of the art office building opens for business.

Organization of business and key players
1. Owner/Manager
Debra Lawrence owns and Buster’s with husband Don Lawrence. She is the principal manager and works approximately fifty hours per week. Buster’s currently employs two employees, each of whom spends about thirty hours per week at the store. Ms. Lawrence will be the manager over both stores with a 60/40 split between the Gary Lee Burt Sr. Building and the current Buster ‘s location at 15th & Maple. She will receive compensation of $50,000/year annual salary for the next three years, plus a $6,000/year benefit package.

a. Owner: Debra Lawrence has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from University of Management and Technology. She has managed the store for the past three years. Before starting Buster’s, Debra worked in retail business for 20 years. Culminating with as a manager at Davita’s Retail Outlet in Tacoma, Washington. Debra has over ten years of management experience in the retail business.

b. Co-owner: Don Lawrence is currently a financial manager at Sysco Investments in Everette, Washington. He manages investment portfolio valued at over twenty million for Sysco Investments. Don has been working at Sysco for over fifteen years. He provides the investment management and advice for Buster’s.

c. Employees roles & qualification: Buster’s currently has two full-time & one part-time employees, Mr. Dan Everette and Ms. Romalie Cornelius & Mr. Carl Ferris, respectively. The expansion of Buster’s from one store to two stores will require an additional three employees. Two of the employees will be full time and the third employee will work on a part-time as needed basis.

d. Mr. Dan Everette and Ms. Romalie Cornelius have over 30 years of retail experience between them. Mr. Everette also acts as manager of the current store in the absence of Ms. Lawrence. He will be groomed to take over management of the new store. He has over 10 years of management experience before coming to work for Buster’s. Ms. Cornelius have been with Buster’s since its...
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