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Developing Yourself as an
Effective Human Resources Practitioner

By Susanne Collier

7th November 2011

Activity 1
Today Human Resources (HR) is at the centre of business performance. HR professionals have an important role to play in driving decisions that enable their organisations to thrive in both the short and the longer term. Where in the past the function delivered the fundamentals that underpinned the employee lifecycle (such as recruitment, induction and salary administration) supporting organisation performance is now the theme running through HR’s work.  The CIPD have introduced the HR Profession Map which sets out what HR practitioners need to know, do and deliver at all stages in their career. The Map is structured around ten professional areas of HR activity and it focuses on the knowledge, activities and behaviours required in the profession today. The first two professional areas, Strategy, insights and solutions (uses deep understanding of the business – activities, strategies and plans and underlying drivers of and barriers to sustainable performance, and needs of customers and employees – and unique insights to drive business performance through the creation and delivery of HR strategy and solutions) and Leading and managing the HR function (leads and manages a fit for purpose HR function, with a strong track record of operational excellence and a deep understanding of the organisation requirements. Ensures that the function has the right capability, capacity, and organisation design, and that HR employees are fully engaged, work collaboratively and possess a deep understanding of organisation and the drivers that create value). These are central to understanding the organisation and delivering an HR function that delivers success.

There are eight behaviours shown on the HR Map that identify in detail how professionals need to carry out their activities and make a contribution to organisational success. Please see Appendix 1 for description of the eight behaviours.

The behaviours have been clustered into the following groups:

Each professional area and behaviour is described at four bands of professional competence, the bands range from those entering the profession at band one, to those that are leading it, at band four. I currently work as an Office Manager for Miller Heiman Inc at their EMEA headquarters in Milton Keynes. As part of my remit I have to ensure that the delivery of Human Resources (HR) service and information to leaders, managers and staff within the organisation is accurate, efficient, timely and cost-effective and that HR data is managed professionally as I am the first point of contact for all HR-related queries. I have therefore chosen to look at the Service Delivery and Information professional area at Band One, as I believe this is most relevant to my current role.

There are eight activities, eleven skills and three behaviours that apply to band one within this professional area, please see Appendix 2.

Within my role the behaviours detailed with the respective activity and knowledge are Collaborative, Driven to Deliver, Personally Credible, Curious, Role Model and Courage to Challenge.

* Build appropriate professional, friendly and accessible relationships with employees, line managers, directors and network of suppliers.

Driven to Deliver
* Assist in the recruitment process - i.e. liaise with recruitment agencies, set up interviews and issue relevant correspondence. * Administer HR-related documentation, such as offer letters, contracts of employment, leavers' and pensions information. * Provide relevant documentation as requested for example employee handbooks, latest policy updates, sickness forms. * Provide data for and prepare management information reports, mainly around absence management. * Ensure the relevant HR databases are up to date, accurate and comply with relevant legislation. *...

Bibliography: CIPD HR Profession Map (28 Oct 2011)
Albert Mehrabian Communication Model (31 October 2011)
Appendix 1 8 Behaviours Description
Appendix 2 Service & Delivery and Information Professional Area Description
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