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Topics: Psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: September 17, 2013
EDPHOD8-Assignment 1
I have observed that James is experiencing problems in grade 9.His behaviour has dramatically changed. He was doing well in my mathematics class until recently when I observed a sudden drop in school marks, lately his behaviour is unlike that of a carefree person he used to be. I have talked to other teachers they also observed some change in his behaviour and performance. The changes that we have observed can be attributed to psychological factors which include adolescence stage which James is at. At adolescence stage behaviour is erratic and over the top.It is with this in mind that James is facing problems. Sociocultural factors also come into play. Twenty-five percent of children under 16 experience divorce in the family. One in three marriages ends in divorce. Changes in the family structures could have caused this sudden change.James’ sudden change could be attributed to the divorce of his parents. The fact that James’ mother has remarried, it is possible that James’ father could have remarried and James is staying with a stepparent. Children staying with stepparents often encounter problems sometimes stepparents can be abusive. He is probably having family problems which have affected his school work, he used to have high school marks but there is a sudden drop. James is at secondary school where strong western culture existed before they had to accommodate a diversity of cultures. An element of racial abuse could also have led to James sudden change. Another extreme and visible kind of discrimination is when learners resort to violence. The fact that James pushed Thabo suggests there is discrimination considering the history of the school. Racism or discrimination can also be demonstrated by denying that there is any difference between learners of different groups. According to Maslow primary needs need to be met before significant cognitive development is possible. Many schools implicitly recognise this by...
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