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Topics: Contemporary art, Visual arts, Female Pages: 4 (1539 words) Published: October 12, 2013

Contemporary Artwork Comparison And Analysis Art Essay The two pieces that I have selected for comparison and contrast use similar photographic technology and content to evoke various feelings of viewers, this is one of the way in which contemporary visual arts show the incredible glamour to audience. Comparing “Fringe”(Belmore, 2007/2008) with “Self-Portrait/Cutting” by Catherine Opie in 1993, both works break the rule of thirds, making the female form in the center of composition. AS a result, instead of drawing viewers’ attention away from the body, these two pieces display a clear naked woman with back respectively. The most significant parallel between the two works lies in unlike pictures on their backs, even though the patterns are different: the first work shows a large wound , while the second work displays the cut as a stick-figure scene: a house, a cloud, two birds and two women holding hands together in the foreground, the wounds seem still weeping blood, which creates these photos vivid and reality,in turn encouraging different outcome to appreciators. The overall effect for both pieces is to express a kind of life suffering, which torments the women’s both physical and psychological. In this essay, I will focus on discussing these two artworks in relation to the themes of identity and body. “Fringes” by Rebecca Belmore is effectively “a life-sized photograph presented as a light box transparency”, allows the viewer explore the special identity of this thought-provoking photo. Taking a close view at it, the photograph portrays a naked woman lying horizontally on her side on the white pure sheet, the same color with pillow and cloth, which covers only her hips and buttocks. Horribly, there is a diagonal large gash which almost covers all of her back-across with exaggerated stitches on the wound, which seems like the rough wound would never be cured and leave its mark forever. What is more, can you image that you get a deep wound on your...

Cited: Roberson,Jean and Macdaniel ,Craig. “Themes of Contemporary Art: visual art after 1980”. NY: Oxford University Press. 2013.Print.
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