Contemporary communication

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What exactly is communication? We define communication as the act of using words, sounds, signs and behaviors to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings to someone else. Over time the nature of communication has changed immensely especially during the 21st century. A lot of these changes are due to the rise in technology. Technology has helped us to communicate in more ways than we ever could of imagined. Not only can we stay connected to our own friends and families in our own regions, we can now stay connected globally as well. Nowadays we think nothing of calling our aunt who lives in Italy, or even sending an email to your friend who is on vacation in Mexico, technology has revolutionized the was we communicate. Try and imagine your life without any of the technology we ourselves use everyday. No way to email your boss discussing a case you had been working on, or no breaking news or up to date weather reports. In the 21st century we have grown dependent on technology and it has changed the way we conduct our lives. “Self-making is the central concern of the now-maturing generation of contemporary artist. It leads them to ask: What is it to live, to exist, to be in contemporary conditions? The descriptive question “How do we live now?” (Terry Smith 279pg) Smith goes on to discuss how some artist have taken for granted what technology and mass media has allowed our generation to create. Other contemporary artists embrace the kinds of power they enable, whether influenced by culture, mass media, or time. Rivane Neuenschwander uses elements from her cultures heritage by creating and regenerating a project based on a ritual that takes place at one of the most famous Catholic churches in Salvador, Brazil. At this church, religious believers tie a silk ribbon around their wrists or at the gates in the belief that their wishes will come true once the ribbon has fallen off. In her adaptation “I wish your wish”, she has installed thousands of...
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