Development through Life Stages In this assignment I have produced an article discussing the Nature/ Nurture debate and how different factors influence development of an individual.

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature, Human behavior Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: March 17, 2014
What is meant by the term Nature/ Nurture?
These two terms are used to the individual behaviour in a physiological perspective. Nature is described to be the inherited characteristics individual obtains from their parents e.g. this could be hair colour. On the other hand Nurture is defined to be the influences of society are what shape the individuals characteristics.

There are different opinions and views that people have on the nature verses nurture for example we inherit genes from both our parents these could be your eye colour and hair colour etc. this is a given fact that it is nature, however when it comes down to nurture some people would say that your personality is determined upon the society and environment you were brought up in meaning it is nurture. Factors that influence individual’s development are analysed through whether it is Nature or Nurture. A recent study was done on two twins that were separated after birth for a Nature study. Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein are the two identical twins; when they met for the first time after finding out they were related they felt like ‘strangers’. However not long after the realised that they shared similarities in their manners and behaviour which was strange because they weren’t brought up together however they were both brought up in New York and they were both film critics. So that’s where we ask ourselves is it Nature or is it Nurture?

Nature/ Nurture is involved in many other factors that influence the individuals development these include •Language
Causes of behaviour
Gender role behaviour
Diseases /illness
All of these are argued to fall into either the category of Nature or Nurture as they might be link that it is affected by the development.

Language Naturists would argue that an individual gets their language from the language they are brought up speaking at home. It is also depends on if the parent of family of the child know any other languages, if...
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