Domain Controllers

Topics: Active Directory, IP address, Flexible single master operation Pages: 3 (551 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Domain Controllers

The solution implements 4 new Domain Controllers for the TRAVEL domain. These servers will eventually form the foundation of all Active Directory Services within RailCorp paving the way for decommission of all remaining Domain Controllers in both TRAVEL and BRIC domains.

High level design points:

2 domain controllers at IDC
2 servers for load balancing and site redundancy
Domain Operations Master roles distributed between 2 servers Both servers configured as Global Catalogs

2 domain controllers at DC
2 servers for to handle load and provide site redundancy Forest Operations Master roles distributed between 2 servers Both servers configured as Global Catalogs

Decommission existing Domain Controllers
Individual SPOF or non AD related services running on existing TRAVEL and BRIC domain controllers will be analysed and migrated as required. (i.e. – DFS dependencies, DHCP scopes, DNS and WINS providers, etc…) No BRIC domain controller will be migrated to IDC or Global Switch. A gradual migration of remaining BRIC domain memberships will be converted to domain.

Sites and Links Topology
Due to the nature of the network, it will not be necessary to perform any change to the architecture of the Sites and Links Topology at this point however this may be open for review at completion of this program.

Internal DNS Services

Each of the new servers will run DNS services. These servers will form the basis in which will become the provider of core DNS services for the organisation.

As these servers are also providers of Active Directory services, integrated zone for the travel domain will exist on these servers by default.

A secondary copy of all other known internal DNS zones will be established also. From there, analysis of each zone must be undertaken to determine the impact and requirements to promote one of the 4 servers to become the primary authoritative holder of that zone.

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