Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Education, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Communication is an important skill which is used on a daily basis. Children will eventually realise the need for communication for enhancing relationships, conveying expressions and developing personalities. “Children need to learn and understand basic communication skills to get through life” (Wang, 2010). Effective communication skills are important for a child to learn because as Loh (n.d) suggests in future adult life, a person who communicates in an effective manner, will have an edge or advantage to succeed in life better than others will. Therefore, teaching a child to communicate in their early years through an effective manner will set the foundations for personal and professional success.

Effective communication is not just limited to the role of the parent and early childhood educator but from all individuals who interact with a child in the early childhood setting. In reality, early childhood facilities require time and effort from a variety of individual educators. Each educator’s qualification will not be identical nor their age generation. Educators will share one thing in common, the best interest of a child. Daily, by the use of communication, a team will be formed. According to West and Mariewicz (2004), the value of teams resides in their ability to get the job done or the objective met. A child will be learning from each educator they come in contact with. It is important that though the open lines of communication, educators share common goals. In early learning centres, regardless of differences, all educators are part of the centre’s team. The team’s priority is to educate the children who will one day shape the future using their effective communication skills.

Communication between educators in the form of discussion is important within early learning settings. Challenges present themselves to educators. They can be easily overcome with the aid of another educator who can relate with previous experiences. Effective communication...
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