Enviromental Impacts on Child Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Neglect, Child abuse Pages: 6 (2118 words) Published: September 20, 2013

Environmental Impact on Child Development
Not everyone is aware of children, and their basic development. Most know that children are sometimes raised by one parent, abused, neglected and malnourished. People chose to accept or deny the fact that these actions are happening here and now, everyday and everywhere around them. But they do not know how to prevent it. These are environmental impacts on child development. Children are affected by the amount of love shown towards them. The majority of the evidence, done by researchers, is clear that mothers are more effective as parents when they themselves and fathers are both supportive partners and nurturing parents. Children are great recipients of affection when raised by warm, loving parents. Most used to believe mothers were solely important in child development, because of this researchers tended most often to study mothers’ behavior. When research concluded that there are significant effects of maternal behavior, in a child’s life, the researchers were motivated to study maternal bond even more. At the very most, fathers were thought to be a hindrance to the difficult and taxing undertaking of parenting; because children spend most of their first few crucial years of child development with their mothers. Some even argued that fathers have no biological aptitude for childcare, because women were said to have many of the traits and skills necessary for raising children. That helped to re-enforce the researcher’s beliefs that fathers were not very important (Thompson). The love shown by a father is one of the determining factors in a child’s self esteem. The self esteem of a daughter is predicted by father’s affection and mother’s general support on her decisions. With a son it is a little bit different; the child’s self esteem has been predicted by father’s sustained contact and mother’s companionship in his life. Researchers have even discovered that a father’s love sometimes explains a unique, independent portion of variance in specific child outcomes. This is over and above the portion of variance explained by a mothers love. Indeed, some studies reviewed later found that a father’s love is the sole significant predictor of specific child outcomes. This was found after removing the influence of a mothers love (Thompson). Researchers have even discovered that a father’s love is turning out to be just as important as, and sometimes more important than, a mothers love. The individual development depends on how a child responds psychologically. Father’s are cited more than mothers in issues such as psychological maladjustments, substance abuse, depression, and conduct problems. On the positive side, a father provides a buffer against the development of these difficulties and can contribute to a child’s good physical health. Yet, fatherly love- or lack of it- is still critical and an understudied factor in child development. The study of the impact that fathers have upon their children, has just begun taking its first steps towards a new chapter in child development. This new area of study will broaden the field and world view of child development as a whole (Thompson). Differences in child experiences shape the future actions of the person. This is the case of nature vs. nurture. In 1993 people attempted to study the effects of nature and nurture on child development. Nature and nurture both impacted their subjects. The Scientist found that a little of both makes the child who they become. Their findings are inconclusive on which is more vital in a child’s development; though both are important in child development. Still, most believe nature has the greater impact on child development (Nature). Even little things such as neighborhood environments can have a great impact on child well-being.  Some of the factors that have the most impact are housing quality, toxic exposure, access to natural settings, transportation and health services. Natural settings have a...

Cited: Thompson, Alison “Role of Father 's Love in Child Development Deserves
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