Feral Children

Topics: Human nature, Nature versus nurture, Intelligence quotient Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Feral Children Existence
After watching the youtube video on feral children I soon remembered hearing of this topic before. A friend of mine had told me about watching Oprah and the episode being about DHS finding a feral child. I youtube'd the video of that particular Oprah episode and watched how the officer found a young little girl in a house with her mother, but the mother had the child confined to one room. The room was disgusting with rotting mattresses, dead bugs and spider webs, and trash such as chewed up food. This little girl was moving around in an animal like crouch with bugs in her hair and a very soiled diaper on. The mother sat in the living room and excused herself saying she was doing the best she could. So, do I believe feral children exist? Yes I most certainly do. The story on Oprah was proof it is out there and continues to exist nowadays. It is hard to believe children could be raised by animals when abandoned in the wild, but I believe it could happen. Debating whether nature or nurture is more important for socialization is tough. Nurture is needed growing up as a child. Yes, a child would eventually learn to fend for itself, but in order to be normal when older it needs human contact. Children should be held, played with, and loved everyday by their parent or guardian. Nature is also important I believe because it is part of our world. Nature is beautiful and very fascinating. Everyone should be introduced to the outside world of nature and learn about it's tendencies. As far as these two being needed for socialization, I would have to lean more towards nurture being more important. Having human contact helps in the process of learning how to walk, speak, and act around others. These things plus many more socialize human beings. Socialization also leads to the topic of language. Language is very important in human lifestyle. Without speaking it is hard to know how to please someone such as what they want or need. Everyone has the...
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