Holiday Traveling

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Holiday Traveling
A report was recently published by "" stating that holiday traveling will increase by two percent from last year, and high gas prices will not affect the millions of Americans from traveling. With gas prices topping $3 per gallon in some regions, Americans will compensate by traveling less, and "Families will travel closer to home. They will travel for fewer days, and they will save money by staying in less-expensive hotels and eating in cheaper restaurants, but they will continue to take vacations," says Sandra Hughes, a vice president with AAA Travel in a statement announcing the results of the travel organization's annual survey.

Americans may also find other means of traveling, such as flying or traveling by railroads due to the constant rising of gas prices. Travelers could search websites such as Travelocity, Priceline, or even Orbitz to find the cheapest prices to travel instead of driving. Due to an increase in the price of gas and a decrease in the demand for driving due to the price of gas, there will be an increase in the demand for flying during holidays. Therefore, airlines such as US Airways, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines can expect an increase in the amount of Americans trying travels by means of their airplanes.

Due to an increase in the demand for flying over holidays, finding a cheap flight will be harder to come by. For instance, US Airways has a total of 357 mainline jet aircrafts and 352 regional jet aircrafts within its fleet. Those 709 aircrafts will fill quicker since more people will be trying to fly on holidays. So, some people might not be able to find a flight at all if they wait too long to book one. Some people may be given the chance to pay extra to even get a ticket also.

Overall, all American airline companies can expect more of an increase in the number of travelers during holidays in 2007 than past years due to gas prices for automobiles. Airlines will take advantage of...
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