Importance of Christian Worldview

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CWV 101 Module 1 - Preliminary Worldview Essay Template

Directions: Insert the thesis statement in the box below that was created when you completed the interactive Jigsaw Puzzle Media Piece exercise. This thesis statement will contain the three components that are most critical in forming your worldview and purpose.

Now, use the three components of your worldview that are in your thesis statement to fill in the three body paragraphs below. Write a topic sentence for each of the three worldview components from your thesis statement. Support your topic sentences with three points. Explain how each of your components has shaped your thoughts, experiences and your education and life decisions. Elaborate as much as you can on each of your supporting points; doing so will help when it comes time to write the essay that is due in Module 7. Make sure these body paragraphs also address the prompts that are listed under each worldview from the assignment material in the syllabus.

Thesis Statement: Ethics, Knowledge, and human nature.

Ethics: The significance of the ability to judge between right or wrong.

• Supporting Point 1- Your Thoughts: Ethics helps my minds to focus on positive thinking.

My thoughts as I can say has always shape my thinking. Examples of these ethics include honesty, hardworking, being kind, helping others, and being respectful to other people and many more. Based on these ethics, I have always been able to think positive and make good judgments that benefit me and the people around me.

• Supporting Point 2- Your Experiences: It builds unity and trust between the community and me.

Ethics results in a great experience, being honesty and treating other people the way I want them to treat me have always allowed me to live with them happily. I have also experience a lot trust from people around me and when it comes to interaction they always respect my ideas because they understand the kind of...
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