Intentions or Artists in Creating Artwork and How This May Differ to Audience Interpretations

Topics: Art, Death, Audience theory Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Discuss the intentions of your selected artists in creating their artwork and how audience responses may differ from the original intentions of the artist.

All art, whether it be sculptural, painting, drawing, photography, architectural, musical or literary, is made with intention. The artist themselves create their art with the intent purpose to evoke particular responses within their audiences. However, the idea that the artists’ intention automatically overrules and invalidates the viewers’ personal response is a topic that receives much debate when discussing the role of intention within an artists’ body of work. This essay shall discuss the role of the artist versus the viewer in the debate regarding the validity of the artist’s original intentions in influencing the audience’s reactions. The contemporary works of Ron Mueck and David Bazquez, alike only in their subject matter (the human body), shall be discussed to delineate between the original intentions of the artist and the response of the viewer.

Ron Mueck, a Melbourne artist born in 1958 is a contemporary/hyperrealist artist who works with resin, silicone and fiberglass to create sculptures of people on a monstrous scale. Overpowering and somewhat intimidating, Muecks’ collection examines a broad human condition. Often naked and exposed, his pallid figures are awkward, anxious and vulnerable. They range from all key stages of life, newborn, infancy, childhood adolescence, adulthood and old age to finally, death. These are sculptures in long artistic tradition; they are the stages of man for a new generation. Completely accessible, Mueck strips away current fashion trends and resists stylistic portrayals to leave us with incredibly poignant reminders of our own mortality. This concept is perhaps most strongly emphasized in the sculpture “Dead Dad,” 1996. Unusually, this sculpture is incongruous with the rest of his collection, as it does not find its power in size. It is 106 centimeters long;...
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