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(BU1110) The Business Model

Provide service of transporting good for a fee. Transporting goods is up to the carrier to responsibility for the goods being shipped. Shipment has to be written down on a manifest that states what is being shipped, and how much weight. Trucking companies can get paid by weight or by the miles. Being paid for the mile is determined by the miles that the load needs to go to be delivered, that will cover cost of fuel, driver’s pay. Pay for the dispatcher, load planner and everyone that deals with that load.

Trucking provides service for about everything that a community has such as food, water, gas, wood products and anything you have a truck brought it to the stores. The trucking company stays up to date with the newest equipment to stay in business. If they didn’t they would be spending most of their time and money always fixing their equipment. They make sure they have the right equipment to do the job the best, cost efficient, and the safest that they can do it in. It takes money to make money.

They have customer service reps that will sell the service and look for new customers, to keep the wheels moving. If the wheels aren’t moving they are not making money. Need to keep the trucks moving by setting up loads after the driver delivers the last load, that is how they stay profitable. The trucking company needs to hire drivers to drive and deliver the loads, so they need the best drivers that they can hire.

Any transportation company is to follow the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. 7-ORS-A. These regulations set the guild lines on what is required of them. Such as drug testing procedures, special training requirements, hours of service, transporting of hazardous material driving and parking rules. Inspection, repairs, and maintenance. Driving a commercial vehicle. commercial driver’s license standards. Minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carrier. These regulations are...
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