Metabolic Disease

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Metabolic Disease
Luise Crinklaw Carrington College

What is metabolic disease? Metabolic Disease or syndrome can strike anytime in a person’s lifetime from the very young to the very old and it has even been reported to affect animals. The disease itself takes on many forms and doesn’t affect each person the same way. Treatments vary according to each individual’s symptoms. Now let’s go into what exactly are metabolic disorders? Metabolism is the act of the body to process food and other substances. Metabolic disorders occur when these normal processes become disrupted. Metabolic disorder can either be inherited or can be acquired over a lifetime. It is more and more prevalent in the United States due to sedentary lifestyles especially in children, adults, seniors and even our pets. About 25% of the adult population in the United States suffers from some sort of the disease. This disease does not discriminate on ethnicities either as cases have been reported in Mexican Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and Caucasian Americans. In children the percentage affected has been reported in the range of 5% with the full blown disease and 45% with at least 2 risk factors. In seniors the percentage jumps to 40% because the risk factors associated with the disease are more prevalent. Metabolic disease presents itself in many different forms with each individual and treatments vary accordingly.

Symptoms of metabolic disorders will vary among individuals and by the type of disorder. Some metabolic disorders result in mild symptoms that can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes, while others can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms, such as breathing problems, seizure, and organ failure. Some inherited metabolic disorders can require long-term nutritional supplementation and treatment, while metabolic disorders that arise as a result of another disease or condition often...

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Metabolic Disorders
January 28, 2009
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