My Best Friends

Topics: High school, Middle school, College Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Tasha Washington
Mrs. Garcia/ Mrs. Irish
Senior Memory Book

Chapter 8
There are two people who earned the title as my best friend. The reason there is two because they are twins. You can’t be friends with one and not the other. We met in 3rd grade and been friends ever since. Then later on we found out were actually related, were cousins. So we went from friends to cousins to sisters, we couldn’t be any closer. In third grade me and one of the twins, Kalyn was in the same class. We had Ms.Pagana. Instantly we became close, as close as third graders could be.

I admit third grade I was close to Kalyn more but because she was in my class, Sylvia wasn’t. On the first day of recess Kalyn introduced me to her twin sister Sylvia. We all became good friends. As the years grew we grew and grew closer. We finally hit middle school together. Middle school was a big adjustment but we were all happy we were on the same team. That meant there was a possibility that we were going to have classes together. When we were younger we didn’t always hang out as much as we did when we got older.

The twins are Rican with a little bit of white and black in them. They are the prettiest twins I ever seen. I was never jealous of there beauty, because the three of us together were sure to shut the place down no matter where it was. Every were we go since we were younger we always got so much attention. I can only imagine because they were twins and very beautiful, then throw me in there we were a catch. They enjoyed the attention however I didn’t really care for it.

Although they are twins they are different in some ways but in most ways they are just alike. I was always able to tell them apart. I took pride in that because most people we came in to contact couldn’t jus always called them “twin”. People often say Kalyn is the nicer twin. But Sylvia just has a lower tolerance for stupidity like my self. Kalyn is super funny, for someone to be that pretty she always making...
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