Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, The Nurture Assumption, Human nature Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Why are we the way we are? There are many common answers to this question. God made me this way, my parents raised me this way, my friends have changed me or my favorite, baby, I was born this way. The Nurture vs. Nature debate is an age old debate which will go on as people continue to form their own ideas and opinions. Some people chose to believe in the Nature side, which is the idea that you are the way you are because of genetics. Others, who are on the nurture side, believe that people are influenced by their environment. This raises the question of which is right and which is wrong?

Take famous football player Payton Manning. His hand eye coordination and analytical abilities would be nature because they are in his genetics from his dad who was a Quarterback in the NHL. However; encouragement from his family and coaches is nurture. If you took away Payton’s encouraging family would he still be the amazingly talented football player he is today? Those on nurture’s side would say no.

Scientists from "Atlas Sports Genetics" seem to be on the Nature side of the debate, believing that you are born to play a specific sport. For $160, you can receive a kit that allows you to get a DNA swab that is then sent to Atlas, then to a lab in Australia. The company is looking for something called the ACTN 3 Gene, which is responsible for fast-twitch explosive muscles. If you don’t have a lot of ACTN 3, you’re better suited for endurance sports like cycling and swimming. A little bit of ACTN 3 means you are a mixed-pattern athlete with strength and endurance, and you have potential in just about any sport. The third and final category is strength and power. When you fall under this category that means you have a lot of ACTN 3 in your body. So thanks to science, we can now find out what sport nature has given us the talents to succeed in.

One of the big issues in schools right now and always has been, is bullying. But kids aren't just born with the urge to...
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