Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, The Nurture Assumption, Human nature Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Characteristics of Nature as a child:
Weak minded, indecisive, and dependent on others.
Quiet, no sense of humor, and was not a people person.
Very patient and always lending a hand and helping others.

Characteristics of Nurture as an adult:
Very strong, decisive, independent, take charge type.
Outgoing personality, good sense of humor, talkative, enthusiastic. Deep and thoughtful, analytical, and usually a perfectionist. Inpatient but always lending a hand and helping others.
Overprotected of my loved ones.

Both Nature and Nurture has influenced me genetically as well as environmentally. Genetically I have many characteristics of my mother. We act alike in so many ways. I was sheltered as a child because I was the only girl so my mother was very over-protected of me. This caused me to stay to myself and not talk to anyone. I was dependent on my mother for everything because she was all I had and all I knew. While my brothers were outside I was in the house helping mother cook, washing dishes, and waiting for her every command. My mother taught me patience by making me babysit her friend’s children. My mother was always helping others and she taught me to do the same. I mean, we all have the inborn ability to learn to talk, but someone has got to teach us how.

I am now an adult and I’m out on my own. Some of my characteristics stayed with me from my childhood upbringing and some changed. For example I still cook and clean every day. I am also a mother of four now and I’m very over-protected of all of my children. Environmentally I learned from my job to communicate with my co-workers. The more I communicated the more I opened up and made several friends. Being on my own in the world, I adapted to being independent and not dependent on others. I am currently in a leadership role which has trained me to take charge of everything I do. In conclusion I think that both nature and nurture are important in everyday life, but I tend to lean more...
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