Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, American football, Thought Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Question: It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents; for instance for sport or music, and others not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician. Discuss both these view and give your own opinion.

It is normally believed that in order to become an athlete or musician, you should be born to do that. On the other hand, there are many people think practice makes perfect without a certain talent. The question of nature versus nurture has not reached the answer yet.

It is true that a person can be taught to become anyone they would like to, for example a sport player or a musician. There are many people still get success in their career without having sporting or musical genes. This is because they approach to a good training and they know how to make use of it. Moreover, practicing helps them to enhance their skills to a certain level to be successful. That's why it is said that with a sufficient training and practicing, people can become whoever they desire to be.

So if everyone can be a sport player or a musician, who is the best? This answer lies in the term of nature. People with innate talents will have more advantages to excel, while a simply hard-working person rarely manages to reach that level. Their extra talents differentiate them with normal people because this cannot be taught, no matter how good the teacher is or how frequently a person practice.

In conclusion, i have to agree that practice is the key to success, anyone learning with great effort will have a deserved result. They can grow up and become a person that they have dreamed to be with guidance and practice session. However my thought, particularly, has a stronger support for the nature side because my football player idol - Messi is the great example for this one. He was born with football talent that truly makes him stand out. I have not seen any player can reach to his level at this...
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