Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human, Psychology Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 14, 2012
There is much debate in the world of human development over the relative contribution of nature and nurture.  In the physical, cognitive, and psycho-social domains how much of human development is dependant on nature?  How much is dependant on nurture?  Please address each domain separately, giving a percentage of each domain that can be attributed to nature and percentage attributed to nurture.  Be sure to give sound reasoning for the percentages you chose for each of the the three domains. I have always found the debate of nature vs. nurture interesting. It is always interesting to see different peoples perspectives on it as well. Becoming a parent and teacher have changed my views on each of the domains. They will continue to change as I watch each student and my own kids grow. After reading the text, my percentages changed also. Physical 60% Nature, 40% Nurture - I originally gave Nature a much higher percentage because I thought that genes played a much higher part in the physical make up of a person than did environment. I thought that the only part that environment played is if the genes were altered or manipulated. I never took into account the fact that environment helps decide how these genes are used. In the text, pg. 65 mentions how a person could have a the genes to be exceptionally tall, but if they are malnourished they will could end up being average height or short. Cognitive 40% Nature, 60% Nurture - This is the domain that has been the most influenced by being a teacher and see kids who were thought to be hopeless succeed in school. I think that if you expect a student to fail and they know that is what is expected of them; they will fail. However, if you expect them to succeed and show them how they can, I believe that most children will rise to the challenge. In the text it is mentioned on pg. 78 that genetically influenced qualities can be altered. If a child is in a positive encouraging environment they will reach their...
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