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Topics: Teacher, High school, Education Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: July 29, 2013
A’Della Rodgers
English 111
Problems with Indianapolis Public Schools

Indianapolis Public Schools faces a great number of problems. If these problems are not corrected in time IPS will be in great turmoil. Money is the biggest problem that the Public Schools are faced with. Along with under-educated teachers, parents that are not involved, and low-leveled assessments and curriculums. These problems are very common in many Public Schools across the United States. I have had a chance to do some research on the problems, and how the State of Indiana plan on correcting them. Not only should we look to the state to help, but we all should be pitching in to make a difference. Getting a good education is all any parent wants for their child. Without the proper funds the public schools are failing at meeting the required goals. Teachers are getting laid off after some have been working for 14 or more years. Without sufficient teachers there has been an overload in the classes and schools. This means each student is not getting the proper attention he/she needs. IPS Schools do not have the proper textbooks nor do they receive updated curriculums like Township Schools, due to low-funding from the government. Funding problems within Indiana public schools has caused many schools to shut down, causing a high increase in other schools. Part of the problem with IPS is how the division of the boundaries between IPS and Township are divided. IPS loses a lot of the funding from the government due to this technicality. Also, there is an issue with privatization of several schools. This also cuts the funds that were meant for IPS. I Read a paper that had some interesting points, concerning a change that’s needed beginning with the parents. The problem is that Public Schools not ethical (Kozol, 2013). School seems like the obvious place to teach children how to behave in a "moral” and "ethical" manner. If America’s public schools were ethical institutions, and if they had...
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