Phi 210 Wk 2 Assignment 1

Topics: Sensory system, Sense, Olfaction Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: August 10, 2013
There are many reasons to believe the accuracy of sensory information. Here are three feel, see and smell. Feeling sends a message to your brain letting you know what something is. Just say you have been blind folded and an object (cake) has been placed in front of you. In feeling the object you would be able to tell the texture and what the object is. See provides you with accurate information about your surroundings. For instance, if you see individuals playing chess it is certain that they are actually playing. Another good example would be children playing kick ball, what you see is what it is. Smelling means that there could be danger but not in all cases. When there is a desirable smell that could sense that something is cooking or a fragrance. Now there is the type of smell that senses danger. For instance, the smell of smoke means something is on fire. Now I would describe the inaccuracy of sensory information. In the past we all have jumped to conclusions at some point and time. Just say there is a case where you walk in a room and everyone starts to look at you. There’s no doubt that they are looking at you but you sense that they may be talking about you. Now this could mean that you are just insecure and feel that everyone is against you. Your surroundings can determine the action of your sensual organs. Like going down a street and you notice that your car is the only one on the street. The first thing pops into mind is maybe this street is closed or everyone is in a building. If the street was closed it looks like there should be some type of signage. Regardless of the sensual organ we are using it’s not always accurate. This is why we shouldn’t be dependent on them. Nature and nurture is a very debatable topic. Research is still being conducted about the debate on nature and nurture. Nature is said to refer to the qualities of an individual. It has been proven that nature not nurture was responsible for intelligence. On the other hand the...
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