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Most wireline phone companies charge more than what you'd pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phone service is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long Distance and extra features like Call Waiting are normally included with alternative phones. More Features:

Cellular and broadband phones normally include Long Distance, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and more, usually at no additional charge. They also have Text Messaging and various forms of data service which are unavailable with a landline. Portability:

If you move your home more than average (or if it's on wheels), your phone and your number can stay with you. There are no "installation" charges. Temporary Usage:
You can have phone service for the season in a vacation home or cabin, or on an extended stay at a hotel or home of a friend or relative without installing a separate line. Unlimited Plans:
Most alternatives offer a plan that includes Unlimited talk minutes and Long Distance, including cellular. Most cellular carriers have eliminated Unlimited Data plans, although there are some that include Data with some other restrictions. Anonymity:

You can easily set up an account (especially prepaid cellular) with either no name or an alternative identity. Fewer Telemarketers:
Nuisance calls are reduced because telemarketers want to target customers in certain geographic areas. They won't know where you are. Most telcos provide your landline number to telemarketers. With cellular it's illegal...for now. With broadband, it depends on the carrier who sets up your number. Internet Access:

Your wireless phone can also be your connection to the Internet, either with an internal browser or tethered to your computer, and available wherever there is cellular coverage. Wireless broadband is also available separate from your cellular account. Wi-Fi for Multiple Devices:

You can get a cellular modem that provides a wi-fi signal that can connect to up to 5 separate wi-fi devices. It's Green:
Replace your fax with an Internet-based fax service like eFax or and stop wasting paper and ink. (Give your old fax to charity) Attitude:
Some wired phone companies just treat their customers badly. Sometimes it feels better to any price.

Take your broadband wherever you go - A mobile broadband connection is exactly that, which means that you can access your emails, check the sports results or watch YouTube videos no matter where you are, provided you have 3G reception. Stop paying for line rental - Millions of people continue to pay for line rental on a home phone landline that they rarely use, just so that they can get broadband at home. With mobile broadband, there's no need to pay line rental - potentially saving you over £100 a year. Plug and play technology - All the software you need to connect to the internet is automatically installed when you first plug your USB modem into your laptop - no need to set it up or call a technical support helpline. Flexible options available - Mobile broadband customers can take advantage of some really great pay as you go tariffs from as little as £2 a day, or rolling one-month packages, meaning they only ever pay for what they actually need.

If you need to call 911, public safety authorities won't automatically know where you are, you'll have to tell them. Also, calls with alternative phones will not necessarily be routed to the closest agency. Also, you won't receive "Reverse 911" calls alerting you to a public emergency in your neighborhood unless your local emergency center allows you to sign up your number and associate it with a local address. Security:

Some businesses will not allow you to use their services without a traceable land line. This includes credit card companies, pizza shops and a few others, although this rule is slowly being...
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