Rick Hansen; a True Hero

Topics: Spinal cord injury, Paraplegia, Spinal cord Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: November 14, 2007
Rick Hansen; a True Hero
What qualities make a person a hero? To answer this question, one must take a look at a person who is considered a hero. Rick Hansen is one of many examples of a hero. At the young age of fifteen, Hansen fell off the back of a truck and consequently became paralyzed for life. One would think that such a traumatic experience would make person completely pessimistic about life, but Rick Hansen is different. He became a world class champion wheelchair marathoner and a 1984 Olympic athlete. Today, he continues to inspire the world with his work to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Rick Hansen is a hero because he is benevolent, dedicated and perseverant. Rick Hansen is benevolent. Although Rick Hansen was burdened by his handicap, he didn't let it completely ruin his life. He decided to make the best of it by starting the Man in Motion world tour which raised over 26 million dollars for spinal cord injury research. This really shows Rick Hansen's benevolence. His self-sacrificial attitude made further development in spinal cord injury research possible. Another example of Hansen's benevolence is the establishment of the Rick Hansen Institute. Rick Hansen and UBC created this place to begin a leadership program that would make people more aware of spinal cord injury. This also shows Hansen's benevolence, because like the Man in Motion tour, Hansen's institute makes life for paraplegics more bearable. In addition, Rick Hansen is very dedicated to everything that he does. For example, during the Man in Motion world tour, Hansen wheeled about 120 kilometres per day in his wheelchair. It was very difficult for him because he got tired and sick sometimes. However, Rick Hansen was too devoted to his cause to give up. Rick Hansen is also very devoted to his work as the President's advisor on disability issues at the University of British Columbia (UBC). This job requires a lot of time & patience, which Hansen has because of his great devotion....
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