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Smith Systems Consulting Information System
Smith Systems Consulting provides a broad spectrum of services for its clients, ranging from web design to the hosting capabilities on which to run those websites and manage networks, site maintenance and programming. The very nature of the site demands an information system that can handle a large amount of requests and process them accordingly. Algorithms, software and hardware must all work in tandem with the administrators to provide a reliable and effective system. Hardware Required

A processor that can computer the processes required to run the information system is required. As the system will require a large amount of processing power an Intel i7, or an Intel Xeon processor would be suggested in order to properly run the system. “The central processor is a chip designed to execute commands from the operating system software and applications programs” (Erbschloe, M, 2014). Main memory or RAM is also required. This will store the programs that the CPU will execute. Large amounts are typically required for such large operations. Any peripherals thereon that allow the administrator access to a GUI to manage the computer system and have basic input/output functions that allow communications would be ideal. Without some form of storage, it would not be possible to maintain a warehouse of data for future reference. “Disk storage provides capacity to store applications programs, databases, text files, and graphic files used in the programs” (Erbschloe, M, 2014). This is where all of the information would be actively stored and shared across the network. Something that would be wise to employ would be a RAID array, in order to maintain system integrity, and in the event of file loss, minimize or perhaps even completely negate any damage or corruption done to the system.

As much network as could be present in any network however, would not function well without the guidance of a properly programmed software model....

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