Traits that forms me from nature and nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Genetics, Scouting Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: March 27, 2014

What are three influential factors from your childhood environment that helped to shape who you are today? What are three important biological or genetic traits that helped to shape who you are today?

The argument about nature versus nurture is one of the oldest issues in the study of development of a child. Many theories emerged within the centuries and the controversy continues to this day. As the child grows up, many factors influence his childhood and begin to determine the personality and the physical aspect of the child. For me, there are a lot of factors that helped to shape who I am today. Let’s begin to talk about the most important factors from my childhood environment, to talk afterwards about the most important biological or genetic traits.

As the oldest of three children, I can say that I got a lot of attention from my parents. I’m not saying that I’m a spoiled girl. On the contrary. My parents always taught me to work for what I want. They always treated me older than my age, giving me responsibilities and setting me challenges. I must say that I turned out to be really determined thanks to that. My parents are both really stubborn and they do not take no for an answer. Also, when they have something set in my mind, they do not let anything get in their way. Growing up, I watched them make their way to the top using their stubborn character, so I adopted it on myself. There is also this social aspect that I took from my parents. They taught me to not be shy, and they were always showing their social side everywhere we were. They were always smiling, talking, participating in everything, and they guided me to be people oriented. However, this social aspect increased more with my participation in the scout movement of my school. This movement was and still is really important to the person I am today. We are always in groups, taking care of each other, doing all kind of activities, camping...
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