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Due to the miserable situations of Lebanese students and their long years of suffering from the

bad educating services and due to the absence of responsibility toward university students and the

difficulty of finding jobs. The researcher in this paper shows the attention to this problem . TRAVELLING FOR EDUCATION

Traveling For Education It was become a fashion trend that more and more people choose to

go abroad to study. Some people think it is great experience while on the country , some others

think it is not good at all! Despite of the importance of studying abroad and the presence of

scientist that have raised Lebanon's name abroad , there are still oppositions to the views of this

idea that prefer to stay in Lebanon despite of all its problems that they suffer from . Students in

Lebanon should study outside for many reasons.

General atmosphere is not suitable to study in Lebanon on all levels. The lack of raw

materials in Lebanon led to the weakness of electricity and this case does not fit college student

who needs a convenient means for study and research. In addition to the electricity obstacle we

notice the non-existence of laboratories, libraries and research centers, the state does not give an

adequate attention to this deficiency, which leads for big effort toward the college student .For

example , there is only one public library that opened new in Nabtieh " centre de lecture et

d'animation culturelle " beside the red cross and it does not have the media support to be a know

place to come to it. In addition to all problems that Lebanese students face we have an initial

problem by students that is the lack of comfort in government universities , and when they resort


to private universities that are more comfortable with all they need for studying they will be

shocked by the high cost that they can't afford which lead them to depression , and we will not

forget the non-support for the best students that government must appreciate and have a look for


Going abroad to study means far more than learning. The book" Intercultural journeys from

study to residence abroad " ( Jackson , 1954) talk about this issue. This book focuses on the

actual experiences of college students who travelled from their homes to foreign lands, the author

explores the linkage between intercultural awareness and sensitivity , language development , and

identity reconstruction in young adult college learners. Generally, the first thing you need to do is

to survive in a foreign nation. Where to find a place to live? How to deal with transportation?

How to cook food? All these are the things you have to think and depend on yourself. Students

who study abroad have to take care of themselves, and these questions are used the Lebanese

students who don't want to travel abroad. Without parents, you can learn how to arrange their

own issues and do everything by yourself better. This is what we call independent awareness.

Studying abroad cultivate your independent awareness and capability of taking care yourself. It is


always a tough time when living in a country that is totally new to you and facing all kinds

problems. One you overcome them , you get the ability to live on your own. This is great, when

the people of your age still enjoying their lives under the protection of their families, you begin to

experience life. We take this factor as the most important advantage as it teaches you the basic

ability to live your life. No one but yourself can teach you this!

Everyone needs to be enriched with more experience and be more mature. Studying abroad

means you set yourself into a...

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