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This document provides the comparative study of two important organizations in the Philippines, the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and IBON Foundation. Both organizations are established to assist the entire Filipino people improving their respective economic standing in our society, through in-depth research, planning and policy making.

The NEDA is the Philippines' social and economic development planning and policy coordinating body. It is mandated by the Philippine Constitution, the country’s independent economic development and planning agency. It is headed by the President as chairman of the NEDA board, with the Secretary of Socio-Economic Planning, concurrently NEDA Director-General, as vice-chairman. Several Cabinet members, the Central Bank Governor, ARMM and ULAP are likewise members of the NEDA Board.

On the other hand, IBON Foundation is a non-stock non-profit development organization. They serve the Filipino people through research and education since 1978. IBON seeks to promote an understanding of socioeconomics that serves the interests and aspirations of the Filipino people. They study the most urgent social, economic and political issues confronting Philippine society and the world. They explain issues in a popular and understandable manner. We provide information and education services especially to people’s organizations. We publish and distribute progressive materials and have an increasing presence in the formal education sector through textbooks, journals and seminars.

IBON Foundation builds or participates in Philippine and international networks of civil society organizations, NGOs, institutions and agencies sharing our aims and objectives. They engage policy-makers, government, bilateral and multilateral agencies and officials to advocate on issues important to marginalized sectors in the country and abroad. They do all of this in close partnership with people’s organizations.

The successive parts of this document define the background of both organizations, history, objectives, missions, programs and functionalities. Furthermore, this document will provide comparative summary and conclusion.


The IBON Foundation is a non-profit research, education and information-development institution with programs in research, education and advocacy based in the Philippines. It provides socioeconomic research and analysis on people's issues to various sectors (primarily grassroots organizations). It aims to contribute to people's empowerment through education and advocacy support. The foundation is also engaged in international solidarity work.The early 70s was rife with information control and civil rights violations after the Marcos dictatorship declared Martial Law in the Philippines. Resistance to state attacks on people's rights intensified. There was an urgent need for more information on socio-economic issues. It was against this backdrop that IBON was founded in 1978, six years after the declaration of Martial Law. Its pioneers were Sr. Soledad Perpiñan who acted as editor and chief coordinator; Sally Bulatao who served as main researcher and later as finance officer; and Antonio Tujan who after coming out of prison as a political detainee became graphic artist and circulations manager. IBON came out with the independent fact sheet IBON Facts and Figures to provide readers with a quick scan on vital facts of important national and local issues. From an initial 200 copies, popular response triggered the printing of another 2,000 copies of the first issue from 1978-1980, IBON Facts and Figures became an 8-page thematic publication which became a source of data for researchers, speakers, writers and seminar facilitators. Its research featured political-economic realities and the relationship between local and international socio-economic issues. IBON established the IBON Databank in 1982 to provide socio-economic data to researchers, policy-makers,...
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