Why Do We Need Ethics

Topics: Human, Thought, Human nature Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Why do we need ethics? 403416050 EMMA 黃俞樺
Why do we need ethics? I have thought this question for a long time, in the beginning, I was trying to connect with people’s feeling, we always want to make everyone to feel good about what we done for them, but some people’s actions will hurt the other one, I think that’s the time we need ethics to let them don’t hurt anyone’s feeling. After taking the class, I have totally new minds of this. I find ethics is can be traced back to the very early generation. Like Socrates (469-399 B.C.) According to him, knowledge can guarantee to make a person more ethical. I think that if you don’t have much information and a sense of true community, you won’t know what is the right thing. But in the other way, some people are smart and have plenty of knowledge but they still betray people who trust them very much, so maybe that’s why he also mentioned "Moral education" is to make people recognize "soul" and "God" obey God's admonition. If we looking back to the others cerebrations, I think that would tell us more details about the human being, like for Plato, he ever wrote of the human propensity to evil – and then proposes ways to constrain it by means of political authority, education, and a philosophy based on universal principles.” And in China, Hsun-tzu also thought that people basically are all evil, I feel that this is a really interesting minds, and maybe in the world, it’s totally worked! Because all the government over the world to make some laws to control people don’t do the wrong things, so as I see, I think they just like Plato and Hsun-tzu, that’s the reason why they need to prevent people do bad things. I really like what the Aristotle said, like “free choice is not only occasional but a habit”,“the doctrine of mean – finding a middle way between extremes. Only the mean(mesotes)is a virtue.”and“the ultimate end (telos) of human existence is happiness and provides a method how one can achieve happiness. The...
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