"A Streetcar Named Desire"- Scene 10

Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: May 20, 2013
It is a couple hours after Mitch left the apartment and Blanche has been drinking since then. As she dresses up looking like going on a date and looking into the hand mirror she seems to be shocked about herself. “She catches her breath and slams the mirror face down with such violence that the glass cracks.” (p. 136-137,l.21-1) Stanley arrives at home at this time and he has been drinking, too. The baby won’t come before morning, so Stanley came back to the apartment. They will be alone that night. Blanche tells Stanley that she received a telegram, an invitation, from an old admirer. The admirer, actually Mr. Shep Huntleigh, invites her to a cruise of the Caribbean on a yacht. Stanley wants to “bury the hatchet and make it a loving-cup” (p.140,l. 2-3), but Blanche declines his offer. He tries to find his silk pajamas, because he always wears it on special occasions like this one. Stanley is actually hoping for a son, so he is already thrilled about the call from the hospital. Blanche keeps talking about Mr. Huntleigh, which is a gentleman and he respects her. She is also saying that she is “a cultivated woman” (p.141, l.4) She has some things to offer, like the “beauty of the mind”, “richness of the spirit” and “tenderness of the heart” (p.141, l. 8-9) and thinks of herself as “a very, very rich woman” (p.141,l.14), but she has been silly about “casting her pearls before swine.” (p.141,l.14-15) Stanley doesn’t like the word swine, because she means him and Mitch. Blanche is telling Stanley about Mitch coming to the apartment earlier, but she told him to go. But he came back with a box of roses to beg for forgiveness. But Blanche couldn’t forgive him and she also realized that their ways of life are too different, so it wouldn’t work out well. “Our attitudes and our backgrounds are incompatible.” (p.142, l.8-9)

The situation takes a turn right here, when Stanley asks Blanche if Mitch came before or after the telegram, because Blanche couldn’t remember...
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